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An estimated 9 in 10 Americans are owed cash
that remains unclaimed year after year.
It's quite likely that some of this money belongs to you..

There are potentially thousands of dollars in unclaimed money, property,
accounts and assets in many state banks, that could belong to you.

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Over $35 billion in unclaimed cash is currently held in State Funds.
Some of it may be yours ..


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You may find this report on unclaimed government money useful.

CashUnclaimed is an independent property locating service working hard to return unclaimed funds to their rightful owners. The current database lists millions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states that could belong to you. We have located over $900 Million in unclaimed cash to over five million people.

It is estimated that as many as 9 in 10 Americans are owed money that sits unclaimed year after year. So, it's extremely likely that some of this money belongs to you or someone you know.

Who holds all this unclaimed cash?

The money we locate is being held by one or more of many different institutions.
Their research has uncovered millions of unclaimed dollars owed to individuals in:

Forgotten savings and checking accounts, uncashed checks, wages, securities, dividends, tax refund checks, insurance refunds or claims, overpayments, oil royalties, utility refunds/deposits, bail bonds, child support payments, traveler's checks, safe deposit box contents..

The list goes on ...

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people are entitled to money as a heir to an inheritance that they didn't even know about, or had been informed of!
Or that as many as a quarter of life insurance policies are never claimed, after the beneficiary passes away..

Why is the money "unclaimed"?

Generally, the financial institution holding the funds has been unable to locate the owner to return the money. If a letter or check to the last known address goes unanswered or uncashed, then usually no further enquiries are made.
It is then up to the rightful owners to locate anything owed to them. Literally billions of dollars sit in unclaimed money accounts across the US, year after year.

For instance, have you ever:

- Moved home without checking that everyone you do business with knows your new address?
- Moved without getting your utility deposit refund?
- Updated all relevant forms with a name change due to marriage or divorce?
- Opened a savings account as a child, or for your own child and then forgot about it?
- Forgot to cash a health insurance check?
- Forgot to cash dividend or dividend checks on a security?
- Left a job and never received your last paycheck?

This list covers only a small number of the possible reasons why you may be owed money!

By law, companies have to keep details of any funds they owe, in every state.

The money is not theirs to keep. However they do earn interest off funds in their unclaimed money accounts, so there may not be much of an incentive to track people down. No penalties are given to companies that do not make the required 'reasonable effort' to locate people.
escheataccounts for safekeeping. You can still claim money you are entitled to - even after many years or decades. Some states such as California are proposing to legislate to impose penalties on companies that fail to inform owners of property they are holding before passing it to the state, but for now the onus is on property owners to track down any missing funds.

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What we provide..

We have compiled a huge database of millions of people owed money.
If your name is in the database, there is a good chance you have money owed to you. The only way to be 100% certain whether the money is yours is to submit a claim!

You can perform a trial search of this database to find out if there is any money that might belong to you. If you find that there may be money owed you, you can purchase the service to receive unlimited instant access to all of the records in their database for one full day.
The records will include the name, phone number and address of the institution(s) holding the money as well as the instructions you will need to claim the money!

For full unrestricted access to the names, phone numbers and locations of the institution(s) holding the money we charge a small reasonable fee to help cover expenses.
The processing fee is normally $29 for just one name search.
However, for a very limited time, the processing fee has been lowered to just $11.00 for unlimited searches for one full month. Depending on how many searches you perform, you could pay just pennies per search.
Once you sign up, you are free to do anything you wish with the records you access.

State Databases - the main problem.

Certain states already run an unclaimed money website, however these and all of the government sponsored sites related to found money are missing approximately 90% of the lost money records and you will likely miss out on funds that you should have claimed.
They simply don’t contain most of the records - most unclaimed money is still held in private company accounts and has not yet been passed to the state comptroller - It can take up to 5 years for unclaimed funds to be declared dormant and end up in state accounts.

In addition, it would take around 50 hours to search all the government sites one by one. It is no good just searching one individual states records, as a national company could have its registered office in a different state from the one you live in.

There is no single government site that unites all of the individual lost money databases.
If you really want to search all of the states and many of the federal unclaimed property databases, you need to click this link and search the full Unclaimed Cash Property Database

This search is probably the most comprehensive unclaimed money database on the Internet, with thousands of hours of work put into compiling the information, and keeping it up to date and accurate.

Important Info

The database only provides a record of individuals and the institutions who owe them money.
We do not make the application for any money owed to you.
It is up to you to claim your money from the relevant institution, or fill in the claim form for funds in a state escheat account. Proof of ID and your SS number may be required. Funds associated with Inheritance and estates may take several months to be processed, verified and given to the rightful heirs.

Check the database here


You've probably watched several of the unclaimed money reports on TV shows from time to time. Specials on the online databases have appeared on Oprah, Fox News, The O Reilly Factor, Montel Williams, and ABC news. Yet many people are still sceptical and don't think it could apply to them. Free money often sounds too good to be true, but you might be pleasantly surprised by what you can find.
Over $350 billion is estimated to be sitting in unclaimed accounts, so why not search for your name today, or for friends and family? Even if you have checked at some point in the past, the databases are constantly updated, so it is worth checking at least once a year. Remember to also search for the names of family members, including elderly relatives who have passed away. Many old savings bonds had long maturity dates, up to 40 years, and thousands of people simply forgot or lost track of them over time.

Check out this Ohio report highlighting the $2 billion of unclaimed assets on their books.
One Cincinnati family found a $50,000 fire insurance payment owed to them - They had collected a previous check, but never realized it was sent in two stages.
This local new station, WIAT, sent reporters out onto the streets in Alabama for a local 'prize patrol' to inform residents of money they could claim. Many people aren't aware it's not just cash that can be claimed. The state constantly auctions off the contents of old safe deposit boxes, from people that likely passed away. Rightful heirs can claim the amount that was raised in auction.
A WSJ News article is reporting that millions of dollars available for veterans and families is unclaimed. Cash is typically from life insurance payouts, premium refunds and dividend checks. The department of Veteran Affairs holds on to the money if payments are undelivered. The surviving spouse generally has first access to any money that is owed to a deceased veteran. Life insurance is one area that highlights how it is important to use a cash search service that gathers complete information from many different companies and state record facilities. The info rests with the company where the policy was bought, not where the policy holder lived or died. It is no use just searching the records of your home state alone.
This video helps explain the provess of tracking down missing cash.
Treasury Direct can help citizens find old savings bonds. Each year, many thousands of payments are returned as undeliverable to the Department of the Treasury. You can search for legacy savings bonds for you or a deceased loved one. Savings bonds that have stopped earning interest are also listed. If you still have these bonds, you can cash or reinvest them. Otherwise their value is reduced each year through inflation.
A Connecticut new paper is reporting on amount of unclaimed funds that are lost when a person changes address.
Often the post office only forwards mail for 6 months and any late checks or payments may be unclaimed. Over $2 million was returned to Connecticut residents last month.

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